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All Kathy Dallas products are Aloe Vera based

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In Kathy Dallas Skin Care Products 


All Kathy Dallas products (such as our skin repair creme KD-12) are Aloe Vera based  


In compliance with FDA regulations, the ingredient lists must show the ingredients in the orderof the percentage used in the formula, with the first item listed being the highest percentage. The first ingredient shown in all Kathy Dallas labels is Wholeleaf Aloe Vera. Examine almost all other moisturizing creams on the market and you will find that the first ingredient listed is “Purified Water”. This means that the product may contain about 45% WATER.All Kathy Dallas products contain 20%to 45% Whole Leaf Aloe Vera as the base ingredient from which we build each totally unique product.


Aloe Vera is the major ingredient in all Kathy Dallas products and Purified Water is usually listed second or third, never first. This gives the Kathy Dallas consumers more soothing benefits than almost any other product on the market. Each of our specialized products has its own selection of other key ingredients that make each of the Kathy Dallas Products uniquely the best for its designed use. 


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Aloe Vera Facts and Benefits

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aloe Vera skin care products should come from top quality Aloe Vera plants, such as the Aloe Barbadensis Miller. The Aloe Vera plant has over 75 nutrients and a stunning 200 active compounds.

The active compounds include: 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids.

It’s age-old reputation as a skin-softener, skin soother (burns), skin healer, moisturizer, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory agent is due to the numerous enzymes, nutrients, and plant compounds known as polysaccharides. Through the action of its polysaccharides, Aloe has the ability to provide the skin with water-binding abilities, thereby restoring and retaining moisture. Combined with another compound found in Aloe, lignin, the polysaccharides help Aloe Verato penetrate through the layers of the skin, allowing deep absorption. This penetrating action permits other nutrients to enter and nourish the inner layers of the skin.


Further research suggests that Aloe Vera increases the skin’s support protein, collagen (which keeps skin firm and youthful looking), by increasing human fibroblast cells six to eight times faster than normal cell production. Aloe Vera has also been known to be an excellent cleanser; it exfoliates old cells; cleans the pores; mops up excess oils; and removes wastes and toxins. In addition, Aloe Vera has a tightening, astringent action which reduces large pores and the possibility of blemishes. Kathy Dallas range of products such as the KD-12 skin repair creme, contains ample amounts of Aloe Vera.