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Friday, December 27, 2013

True, whole-leaf, Aloin-free, never carbon-filtered Aloe

As consumers of Aloe vera, it is in your best interest to understand as much as possible about this all-natural ingredient used in everything from moisturizers to health drinks.

 After explaining how we, at kathy Dallas, grow and process our Aloe vera, you will have a better understanding of the industry and a rewarding realization that you purchase the best Aloe products available. Here are some important terms every Aloe consumer should know.



Hydroponics is an often misunderstood process of fertilizing the plant through a nutrient-rich water solution. Each all-natural nutrient, in its
simplest form and size, provides maximum availability to the plant itself.

Since Aloe vera is affected by even the slightest variation in sun levels, the nutrient percentages are adjusted to fit the changing needs of the plants. These adjustments are made to ensure a consistently high quality Aloe leaf. Unlike most field grown Aloe, the hydroponically grown plants do not need soil, since all necessary nutrients are received through the water solution.

However, mature plants can exceed one hundred pounds, and we use sand to support this weight. Although there is nothing nutritional or superior about the sand we use, it is loose and easily sifted and steam-sterilized as needed, which keeps it free of organic waste and  microorganisms which slows the growth of the plant and can lead to inferior products.



Thanks to the climate controlled greenhouses at  Kathy Dallas that shelter the plants, we harvest the plants year round without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Since the plant is most productive at a temperature between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, these greenhouses allow the Aloe to grow without experiencing any shock from even the slightest weather change. This enables us to grow the highest quality leaf possible.

Once the plants are completely matured, they are removed from the sand, root and all. After harvesting up to 60 pounds of leaf, the remaining heart and roots are then replanted, allowing for the highest level of regeneration per plant possible. All Aloe Vera is harvested, processed and delivered to the factory within hours. This timely processing of the plant allows for the strongest, most concentrated product possible. 


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